What do the classes include?

Detailed explanations and thesis’ can be found and linked over there to your right. Most classes have

• 1-2 journaling prompts daily
• a daily technique highlight
• daily photo prompts
• video(s)
• a printable embellishment page
• playlist
• email access to the teacher
• explanations and supply list of each individual page or project

How can I buy your classes?
There are links over there on the right where you can buy through PayPal. Or if you’re more comfortable using Etsy, I sell the PDFS through there also.

Etsy link.

Note- If your regular email address is different from your PayPal address, please include that in the "message to seller" box so I can email the PDF to the correct address

I’m out of town/crazy busy; can I still take your class?
Sure can! The blog stays up for several weeks after the class concludes. And when those weeks are up, I will email you a PDF with the full class content for you to use at anytime.

I try to stay as available as I can for questions too!

I don’t think I can keep up with the daily prompts, is this is a problem?
Nope! I don’t think I could keep up with the daily prompts myself. I design the classes through a daily organization so it’ll be more manageable. But don’t feel pressured to “keep up”, create at your pace! That’s why the PDFs are so great.

Do I need special supplies or equipment?
I try to create the classes to use with conventional scrapbooking and art supplies. One week before a “live class” starts, I’ll post the Supply List on the blog so you can get what you need. Most supplies can be found at art supply stores or Etsy. I try to link any unusual supplies on the blog.

What’s your teaching style?
I’m not a step-by-step teacher. These aren’t so much classes as they are workshops. The prompts and ideas are gentle pushes, sometimes specific, sometimes not, that push your to create. I like having people try new things, but I don’t tell where you to glue something.

Can I see what your “students” have created?

Link to Life Story Flickr Group.
Link to Music + Comp Class Flickr Group.
Link to Fall in Love Flickr Group.

From past students:

"This course was wonderful!!!! I learned soooo much and have since made several other composition journals!! I will definitely take more of these workshops!!! LOVED it!!! Thank you!!"

"another beautiful class. love it!"

"Fantastic! Really enjoyed the class and interaction with my classmates. Lots and lots of input from Kara too :)"

"I really enjoyed the class! She was great, very inspiring and easy to understand! Loved it!! :)"

"Kara's class was absolutely inspiring!! I recommend any future classes!!"

"I loved this class & got so much inspiration from it! Kara does some wonderful tutorials & is on hand to any questions you may have."

"great class, ready for the next one."