Summer Of Love Online Class


The summer of my seventeenth birthday I began to spend my nights outside. After the setting sun was replaced with stars and sprinklers at the park, I’d quietly shut the front door and flee to the driveway. The cement was still warm from the 100-degree day. Sometimes I would just lie there. In the middle of my driveway, my hair wet from a shower and I would think. Sometimes I would talk to God or yell at him. Or I would cry or giggle on my phone with a boy or try to sleep. Other times I just sat there. Thinking.

I love summer. I do adore fall and moments of winter and spring is always a season to be celebrated when it finally arrives. I like spring because it brings summer. And I always, always need summer.

I need those summer nights of thinking and renewing. I need the heat to boil away the grime of the winter and of my mind. I need random adventures with my friends and family.

Most of all, I need to digest all of it. With summer always comes a certain level of laziness. Though I tend to have more time to devote to making things and recording my summer, I rarely take advantage of it. That is why I am so pleased to bring my you my next class, Summer of Love. Follow along on an adventurous two weeks of art journaling and photography. I’m especially excited to show you the magic of the night through your camera lens. We’ll be learning night photography techniques and great photo prompts to record your summer through the day. Step by step instructions to create a mini album from vintage books and plenty of journaling prompts.

See you there.

And some sneaks of the class! :)


-This is a 10 day class beginning on June 21st and concluding on July 3rd of 2010.

-The class will be available for purchase on my Old Lady Classes site and through my Etsy shop for $25.

-The class will sold from June 14th to June 22nd.

-You will be given access to the
private blog and Supply List as soon as June 16th.

-The blog will be open four weeks
after the class concludes. When those four weeks are up, a PDF will be emailed to you that you can easily save and print.

- The class includes 30 journaling prompts, 18 photography prompts and techniques, daily art journaling techniques, mini-book cover and page tutorial, 2 printable embellishment pages, 2 videos, email access to instructor, and featured artwork and photography from Michelle Clement and Danielle Thompson.

Common Questions:

I'm out of town/crazy busy, can I still take the class?

Absolutely! The blog will be open for 4 weeks after July 3rd and after that, a PDF will be mailed to you.

I don't know if I can keep up with the daily prompts and projects, is that a problem?

Not at all. Create at the pace you want to and the pace your schedule permits.

I'm never art journaled or crafted before, is that okay?

Totally! Most of the prompts are easily interpreted and the 'techniques' quite simple. A project centered around one theme like is perfect for someone who has never art journaled before. It's also great for an experienced scrapbooker, mini-maker, and art journaler who needs some extra oomph for their summer journaling.

I can't start the class now, but would like to later this summer. How soon is the PDF available?

The PDF will be available for purchase August 1st in my Etsy shop.