music + composition journals: an art journaling adventure

This is the full 28 page content of the class in PDF form. The class originally ran July 13th-17th of 2009. After payment is received, the PDF will be emailed to you. If you use an email address that is different from your PayPal one, please specify in the message to seller box.

This class is melding two worlds that I'm really passionate about. Music and Art Journaling.
Small excerpts from the class:

"Music has undoubtedly always been a vibrant fixture in my life. I usually always have it on and may be a little of a music-addict. My poor iTunes sees more than it probably wants to and I’m sure my parents aren’t great appreciators of how often it plays and how

The evolution of this class has been really exciting for me. It was prompted when one of my best friends asked me why I listened to music. I hadn’t really thought about that question before and it took me a few minutes to articulate my thoughts. I suppose I listen to music because I have to..."


"This is where art journaling comes in. I art journal in an 8.5x11 composition book. It’s easy, very wrinkly, and carefree. I don’t feel pressured to create an amazing piece of artwork or journal something especially profound that I’ll look back on and go, “golly, that sure was profound”. It’s more of a verbal and artistic throw up. Lovely,eh? ;)"

This class is simply an introduction into my process of art journaling. I’ll walk you along the steps that I take to begin and to create.

We will be making a composition book art journal, with step by step instructions, to create our art journal pages in. Everyday there will be several prompt ideas and a technique highlight. The actual altered composition book we make doesn't have to necessarily be only of the pages you make in the class, but just a new format for any future art journaling.

Other things that are included:

Tutorial for doily composition art journal
Video explaining my process of art journaling
2 journaling prompts daily with technique highlight
Printable embellishment page
Full explanations and examples from the Guest Designer and me
28 page PDF with full class content

Note on my teaching style(which is very similar to my Life Story Class if you took that)-

I am not step by step kind of instructor, this class doesn't have detailed techniques, and exact formulas to put things together. I'm more a gentle encourager, giving ideas and journaling prompts. This class is more of a workshop, than a class.

Linkt to Flickr Group and student exmaples.


Music + Comp Journal PDF

Images from the class-

Sneak of my class.
Sneak Peek for Kara's class
(image from and by rachel denbow)

sneak peek